Thursday, December 13, 2007

SINGAPORE - KL trip part 5 (last part)

so after one whole night of chit chatting and laying off the booze,
everyone finally slept and got up at around noon time

okay this was random
thought it would be funny :D

everyone got ready for the ULTIMATE PROM KING! to support Reagan

me and denis
i think we look sweet
don't we? haha.


this is liang.

and notice that i DID wear shorts under my dress;

and so we left the hotel. once again, Ray's driver picked us up to SeGi college in Damansara for the event - some took the cab though. couldn't fit in all 12 in a car.

sze may, christine, imin and me


lol edwin, ray and zander looked random
i looked stoned.

zander and myself;
i wish i have smaller feet -.-

and so we got into the "ballroom"
met so many celebrities by the way..

Praem and Jules from flyfm

i dont remember i think this is bittersweet
or onebuckshort.
because both bands did perform that night
and they rocked!

dina from malaysian idol
her voice was amazing
she sang alicia key's No One and sounded like her!

farah, also from malaysian idol

then belindaC and nizam hosted the whole show

we're sooooooooo frigging proud of him!
and we went on TV! :D

the boys and one of the top5 prom queens

us and reagan :)

THE WHOLE GANG who went to KL to support REAGAN :)
and that's amanda (ultimate prom queen winner)

top5 prom kings.

later, we went to rave at MAISONS
it was awesome!

next day, we went to KLCC and SG WANG plaza
everyone was dead tired but we had so much fun!
left KL for home at 8..

let's go :D

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