Saturday, December 22, 2007


Santa baby,
just slip a sade under the tree for me

been an awful good girl
Santa baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight

took this 15minutes ago heh.
i love my hair (finally) and i love how blue looks on my nails [:
okay enough bragging;
im going out im going out im going out.

anyway, can u like believe it?
christmas is in 3 days! a time to give - a time to be merry and to be TIPSY!
shopped for christmas presents for a couple of times now;
godamnit, I'M NOT DONE WITH IT just YET! argh!
i hope you guys will love what i get for you this christmas [:
it's not easy for me to decide what to get ya'll!

much love.
i need to go to Gurney now;
running late.
those going to UPR tonight,
i'll see you there!
*scampers off*


danielctw said...

OMG minny... so good always shopping one...

I want to go Penang now :D lol... when I can take leave la

aL said...

eh hamisu ur eye lid looks like ham lid geh?