Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SINGAPORE - KL trip part 4

after that 4 hour "zoo-licious" bus ride of babies crying all the way.

saw this in JOHOR
which reminds me of myself :P
KECIL bernilai~
blah so random

met up with Denis, Liang, Reagan, Zander, and Ray at Berjaya Times Hotel.
Checked in for our room and then we headed off to Bangsar for Denis' photoshoot.
Had lunch at ChatterBox; Denis joined soon after - then we headed off to Fish & Co

I dont know why every single guy has this scarf fetish.

Ray's driver came to pick us up at Bangsar. his DRIVER k. DRIVER. lol
we sat in a Mercedes! whoaaaaaaaa.

Car ride back to our hotel
(lmao, don't kill me ah, denis!)

our room had 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen
wanna know how much it costs per night?

something random :D
Ray (the one in green) : catch this grape with your mouth ya.
Zander (the one in blue) : wait wait. belum telan the one before.

i have no idea when this was snapped.
i was sooooooooo sleepy!

so we rested and chatted for a bit
then showered and got ready for Petaling Street

my sister doing Zander's hair
ohh the irony!! :D
guys are just as vain as girls! lalala~

this is what you call f*cking layan!
but denis look so cute can?

so we got back to our hotels after Petaling Street
bought some booze, DVDs and some snacks!

Reagan making his own drink
mixing Tiger and err, i dont remember what
tasted good btw :P

heineken, baby

we got it from our mamas!
after effect of booze?
lol and we had pants on, just pulled them up
dont get us wrong!

so basically, everyone was FLAT right after
the guys snored :P
it was so friggin cold and we were fighting for that comforter and blanket
Reagan got up at like 630am to go for his PromKing rehearsal
Ray, Zander, Liang and my sister hung out by the pool
Denis and me just continued snoozing off like pigs :D

zander, oh zander

after all that fun, we showered and went to Times Square

Denis got his RM33 haircut,
i got my dress for the night!

Edwin, Christine, Sze May, Siva, RJ, "singlet man" (ahaha) reached KL at around 5
so we got ready for THE ULTIMATE PROM NIGHT;
to support REAGAN!

EVERYONE looked fabulous!

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Satkuru said...

hahaha eh yalar, same exact place i stayed. looks identical. i think yours also can see pudu jail :P