Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SINGAPORE - KL trip part 1

that's right babies [:
the MIN SISTERS are back from their vacation in Singapore and KL! i know you miss us, because we miss you guys back here in Penang just as much! and oh, did you guys know, REAGAN won the 8tv Prom King Challenge. We're soooo proud of him, furthermore the whole gang went down to KL just to support him and the show was broad casted live on 8TV itself the other day!

I had so much fun in Singapore; walked as much as I do when I go on treadmills in gym [: Singapore was rather cloudy and compared to KL, KL was way hotter - scorching, burning and piercing through your skin literally!

my uncle's a music lover. period.


simplicity is always the best [:

i saw ALIHAM-MAMA the other day right?

benji the quackman!!!
{click here}
to his blog

just a toilet picture

stayed in sixth avenue near to clementi and holland
15 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop.

number 7 bus
{clementi - orchard}

so, we got to orchard;
SHOPPING HEAVEN. totally. yes yes yes yes.
looked out of the bus window and all i see was ZARA, TOPSHOP, DOROTHY PERKINS, RALPH LAUREN, GUCCI, WAREHOUSE. like omfg - at that moment i wish i'm a billionaire ya know :D

trying to figure out how to get to ViVocity from DhobbyGhaut

the MRT is 10000000000000000000000X better than malaysia's
yes. 1000000000000000000X better

clothes that we DIDN'T buy.

so many christmas trees [:
so pretty.

view from vivocity's top floor
you can actually see sentosa island from there

had superdog for dinner
i would KILL for another one
it's soooooooooooooo good!!!
probably the best hotdog i've tasted in my life k!
lah 1901 hotdog if its franchise exist in malaysia.

superdog rules!

this is cute!
they came out with a hotdog etiquette :D

camwhored the way back home :D

i was so tired.
my god. i slept like a turned-over whale
so yeah


Satkuru said...

jealous, get to go for a holiday in spore -_-"

i also wanna go. next time when i there, will ask you for tips :P hehee

Debra said...

oh, your black roxy bag right, i have a white one! haha ;)

dEvIlInE said...


millymin said...

SINGAPORE!!! me next!!!!!!!!!!

yellowbanana said...

Wa Hoo..!!! I saw Christmas Tree...!!!! =D

aL said...

turned-over whale is ngam with the designs of your comforter. lol.