Friday, December 15, 2006

i GOT a job.

i got a job and I'M MOVING OUT to Penang Island. [=

yupssss. went job hunting on wednesday with my friends. and i got two jobs [= 1 at levi's and 1 at topshop in queensbay. but i rejected both because they want me to start working this 20th.I couldn't cuz christmas is coming and I'm involved with church activities [=

After that, we went to look for a condo to stay (in penang island!). We drove from one condo to the other, some were horrible. no security, not furnished and the rental reaches 1200 per month.

but finally we got an offer from our land/house agent. the place is beautiful! i'll take some pictures next week when some of my friends move in. i'll probably move in with them in January, as I have things to do for christmas!

the rental is 950, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. fully furnished at NPARK on the 18th floor. with airconditioner, bed, microwave, washing machine, dvd player, tv, water heater, pots n pans, a parking lot, swimming pool, tennis/badminton/basketball court, gym, library and good security. everything is ready. we just need to move in [=

plus, the owner drives a ferrari. omg hahahaha. I guess we're really blessed to get to find a place sooo pretty and safe for a good price.

so yupppps i might be stayin with my friends, all 7 of us [= 5 gals and 2 guys. i can't wait lalalaa! but one thing about the place, there's no internet connection ]=.

baaah, i'm not confirmed yet as I'll find for a better job in gurney. with a better pay. if i get the job, i'll move in with my aunt and not with my friends.. I'll also find for another job in Queensbay again. Where I stay will depend on which job I get and which job pays better.

will update more when everything is confirmed!
luv ya all.


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