Thursday, December 21, 2006


I feel incomplete, something is missing.
Something I hold super close to my heart.
Something that I have lost.
Something precious that I dropped.
I lost it, and it's my fault.
I might not be able to see it ever again.
Because someone else will pick it up.
Life will never ever be the same.
Other than that,
R.I.P Pastor Philip (17th December 2005)
It's been a year since u've left us. We all miss your warm bear hugs dearly. We miss the way you laugh each time we say "Ochi-ochi" ]: Each time I think of you, I'll cry. Infact, all of us would. You're just like our dad. So encouraging all the time. You've helped us to grow spiritually and helped us to be confident in ourselves. You taught us how to love others without judging them. To keep dancing, to keep serving, and to be ourselves all the time.
We love you. You're always and WILL always be in our memories. Deeply missed.

It's true to say that we people don't know what we have until it's gone and until it's too late.

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