Saturday, December 16, 2006


Life is a journey. A journey on a road that we all must go through. At times, we'll come to a halt, not knowin which way to turn. Either left, right, straight or just stop right there. I came to a point in life where I had to make so many decisions- to be rejected or to reject; to move on or to stay and try my best; when to talk and when to keep my mouth shut; and so forth.

I'm stuck. At this crossroad. Just like a lot of you out there.

What if I turn right, walked and then realize I took the wrong turn all the while in the future? Or what if, I take the other way and then REALIZE that the turn was a mistake, i'll end up in bushes and get hurt by the torns around me.

I guess no matter where I turn, the road will be bumpy after all. There's no smooth journey in life. Nothing is perfect. Not even life, just like roads. If you take a walk down the pavement of the richest and most well known neighborhood, you'll STILL notice water/muddpuddles, holes, garbage and so on.

Yuppsss. I'm indecisive. Very. At the same time, I have a fragile soul. A fragile heart. I don't want to let people down and I don't want to let myself down. But, this is reality, the world is selfish.

People hurt people so that they will feel and look superior.

Women put on make up, so that nobody knows how they actually look like.

People smile eventhough they're aching like mad deep inside so that they can protect their ego.

People say ohhh everything is alright although everything isn't so that they won't appear weak.

Actors wear masks, so that their real emotions don't show.
NOTHING is as good and simple as it seems.

So many things I've learnt about life. It's always our choice to live our life happily or the other way round. To see things in a whole different perspective and be optimistic about it or we can just sit, whine, and do nothing but complain.

LIFE. I can just sum it up in three words. It goes on [=

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