Monday, December 18, 2006

saturday and sunday


Okaaayyyy. So, maybe, for the most of you, you think Sunday church services are boringggg. But LOOK at theseeee! hehe [=

Natural me [= yes. no make up. and yes, that is how i REALLY look like. This is during sermon - Okay, maybe it was a little boring.

My sister's "soul" wasn't in church anymore at that moment. LOL [=.
We took a few pictures of our shoes, our nails and some random shots ;p Not gonna post it up bwahahaa. private.

So.., after service, we TOOK MORE pictures!

Emily looks like a lil kid here!

Samantha and Elaine [= Two great people. hehe. I know Oliver will like this picture. hahaaaaa.

Emily and Zoey!

SHOESSSS. It's so obvious which one belongs to me. hehe [=

Elaine and me (without make up! EWWW). Only the two of us have brown hair in church LOL.

Getting jiggy with it. [=

Awww. Zoey. My piano teacher's daughter. cute, right?!! hehe

Emily's eyes are closed. lalala.


Nail freaks!! :P black, purple, black.

Emily's hair!

hahaaa. Okkkayyy. First, that's gorgeoussss Charis and Gary. Known Gary for almost 10 years now. :) Glad that he's back from India! miss him loads!

Webcammmm chat with the closest person to my heart -DerHenker- <3

.. He keeps me happy. and makes sure I don't fall for the wrong guys. This Christmas, I'm getting him a red dress. bwahahhahaa. ARE YOU READING THIS DERHENKER?? (I'm not allowed to mention his real name =.=)

This was Saturday. On the way to Gurney for job interviews [=

At PDI with sis.

Bumped into Charlene and Farhan!! Thanks to Richard, I'm smiling like a retard in this picture lol. he took FOREVER to snap this!!

I look extra F A T here. Nevertheless, finally, we met. [= this guy's fav phrase is "that's HOT" lol.

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