Wednesday, December 27, 2006

23rd December photos.

Photos from 23RD DECEMBER

Just before leaving home [: evelyn and me at my 2nd hall.

Me, Jasmine, Charlene and Evelyn. love you guys.

The guys are (from left) Edmond, Max and Aaron. Guess how old are they? LOL. u'll be shocked.

TRYING to be seductive. but obviously, LOL no one succeeded. baaah.

After having lunch at Breeks, we bumped into Vanessa, Sarah and Julian :). everybody's doing their last minute christmas shopping!

The crazy things we do. charlene & jasmine :D

Teabreak! hahaha. MCDONALDS~~ yay.

LOL. oookay. maybe not :P

Andrew, Nicole, Farhan, Charlene, Evelyn and me! Mall RATS.

I Min, me, sexaaaay Farhan (lol) and evelyn.

All of us :)

And so at 630pm, I (nudge nudge) drove everyone (Charlene, Evelyn, I Min, Max, & Edmond) to church for a youth christmas party at FGA Air Itam [:

AHA! Joel was caught eating :P

Finally! I get to meet Yan, Nicole, Sarah and Vanessa. After a very long time ]: I miss you guys!

Me, Julian and Princess Thumbelina. [: ew. my nose.

The best ever. Julian.

SiFu Min : WHERE IS MY TEA??!!! i've waited for 2 years okay!!!

Me, James, Nicole and Vivian! Blur picture but it's the only one we took :(

bwahaha. just ignore that I'm in this picture :P

Aww. Michele and me.

9 years of friendship :) i APPRECIATE you, Gary.

Eng-licious or blackpiglicious and ME! bwahaha Jasmine will kill me for this lalalala*~

Us again! but at church this time :D

Us again. but with JOEL :D

So, we reached Kulim/home at about 12. Stopped to get some ROASTED CHICKEN WINGS at BM!! OMG~ and, unbelievable, GARY and GERALD came to my home for supper & "helped" to cook. (yeah right. all u guys did was stir and all Gerald did was "i wanna listen to my iPOD. I'M HUNGRYYYYY." ahahaha. and oh, Gary is a pro at salt. He'll tell u how much salt is needed for cooking noodles. hahahahhaa. LOL.

Had so much food that night. yum. Evelyn and me, we boiled the sausages. That's all we know about cooking. haha. I Min did most of the cooking. [: It was good!

What a great day [:

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