Monday, December 11, 2006

a weekend out :D

I totally had so much fun hanging out with Jasmine, Charlene, my sister and Vanessa on Saturday and Sunday. It was funnn and crazy :D

On Saturday night we went to the beach and there was this guy who came over to us to offer us some food from his GROUP of guy friends . He kept asking for our names and such, it was annoying! =.= haha charlene told him we're lesbians and then he walked off LOL.

And Jasmine wanted me to try on her Korean dress for some photography shot for college. I did, it was sooo super small and tight and she was like "MIN DON'T BREATHE LET ME BUTTON THE TOP" lol. so I suck it in and stood still and ahhh it did button :D I mirror myself and saw a roach running up the dress. omg. I JUMPED around laughing n screaming and Jasmine, she was just sitting there and laughing her butt off lol! I was left struggling to take off the top and jumping around lol!!!

anyways, here are the pictures :D

yupsss I cut and colored my hair :P

Vaining at Charlene's while waitin for her to get ready..

[after 15 mins] ...still waiting

blehhh. char's straightener :D

char's pigggggyyyyy!!

reach Gurney at about 2 something~ waited for Jasmine to come

Bead Zone!

We take pics everywhere! when there's a mirror hehe! McD and F.O.S

toilet picture!

We're still kids at heart <3 href="">
Christmas decorations~ tralalala la la la la!

JASMINE! hahahhaa.

We MADE these (except for sushi hehe) for a picnic at the beach..~

LOL having fun at the beach

Charlene and me diggin' the food.. and me being "emo-ish" hehe

OMG this is crazy. took pictures with Jasmine's webby!


Haahhahaa! look at I Min!!!

Next morning~ took a picture while waiting to go out :D and that is Jasmine's garden!

BMW~ on the way to Queensbay

We totally blend with the walls in Queensbay :D

Shopaholics! Charlene looked the most excited :P haha.

Me posing in Kenny Rogers.. and omg the muffins are ta ta ta ta tasty tasty!

Pink toilet in Queensbay!

Me, Jasmine and crazy Sam.

Radioactive and the escalator :D

Girls just wanna have funnnnn~

haagen ice cream! yummy :D

told u we vain EVERYWHERE! even in the lift. lol

yo~ shorty sis. hahaha.

the 4.. retards :P
OMG WE even took pictures through the parkin mirror thingy :P LOL. look at sam =.=

Going down the parking slope. And that's Queensbay Mall~ drool!!!!
Charlene and I Min at the back of Jasmine's car. Going to Jas' home from Queensbay~

On the way back to Kulim, we stopped at MCD to get some food =) Then we got stuck in the jam on the bridge for 30 mins!!

.. then, IT RAINED.

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