Tuesday, July 21, 2009


these words are my own.
from my heart flow.
disregard this post if you are to critique.

argh. i don't know really.. food has been one of my biggest enemies in life at the moment LOL
It's always a struggle when it comes to lunch time especially..
Sometimes I feel like giving into food when I feel tired or fatigue;
but nothing's gonna stop me!

yeps; once all of us hit 90lbs (for petite girls)
and 105lbs (for average girls)

I weighed myself today. 110lbs. lost 2lbs in 2 days.. :)
just 5 more lbs to lose in one month, to be exact.

so on day 1,
breakfast : a boiled egg (90 calories) & coffee (97 calories)
lunch : 2 small pieces of fish fritters (120 calories plus minus) & boiled egg (90 calories)
dinner : coffee (97 calories) & a tropical fruit (80 calories)
total : 574 calories

day 2
breakfast : as above (90 + 97 calories)
lunch : fried egg (110 calories), some cauliflowers (50 calories) & black coffee (80 calories)
dinner : coffee (97 calories), a few tropical fruits (100 calories) & medium egg (95 calories)
total : 614 calories. yikes =.=

day 3
goal : 400 - 500 calories. we'll see.

a lindsay lohan thinspo

lindsay lost so much weight;
but i don't think she exercised.
she didn't look like she did ;p

source : scoop

kate moss

erin wasson
kiss my tushhhh

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