Saturday, July 25, 2009

beauty from pain

"After all this has passed
I still will remain
After I've cried my last
There'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today
Someday I'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain"

oh, how i adore superchick & their songs.


this is absurd... -.- i've ignored 41 requests just now;
what a wreck.

why do weird people/strangers even bother to enlarge their number of friends on facebook especially? i mean, i'm not being ignorant but at least, if you really wanna be friends - send me a message; introduce yourself or just a simple hi would do! i feel that it's kinda rude when you go around adding people you don't even know of unto your facebook. i would prefer to have contacts on my facebook who are REALLY friends, not just some weirdo or stalker or "i-just-add-you-to-make-me-look-like-i-have-heaps-of-friends" blah. get a life.

so many strays infront of my place!
& this is their everyday hang out place =p

why this title you may ask.
on Wednesday I went to get my first Miro-Fractional Laser treatment done on my face

Purpose : Tired of photoshop & i want an airbrushed complexion LOL.
Well, when I turned 16, severe acne hit me - it changed my life, took away my happiness for a while and robbed me off my self confidence; yes. i had Acne Vulgaris; considered one of the most severe acne cases. ("right click, open link in new tab" for photos from google). I hated myself at that point. Hated the way people used to stare. Hated it when people ask "ohmygod what happened?". I remember tearing whenever I look into the mirror. it sucks. With proper consultation and medication, the acne went away. But they left me with deep horrible scars. Right after, I went for 6 IPLaser treatments, it kinda helped to lighten up the scars.. but yet, it won't go away. until today, when i look into the mirror, man, i don't remember when was the last time i had skin this nice =) thanks to modern technology.

LOL.. laugh all u want, cuz im laughing too
i'm the one on the right. man, i had mono eyelids -.-
look at the acne! couldn't find a better picture to show you guys
(will try to find where i kept the CD for the old pics)

Benefits :
i. One time of this equals 3-5 times IPLaser treatment
ii. Cures severe acne scars + sun-damaged skin + accident scars
iii. Reverses what time does to your skin
iv. Improves your skin texture

Downfall :
i. HURTS LIKE MAD although numb cream was applied 45 minutes before the treatment started. i almost teared during the process :(
ii. I even took painkillers (paracetamol) right after..
iii. Redness; you'll look like you're horribly sun-burnt and it may last up to 6 days
iv. Skin may peel on the 4th-6th day
v. 30-45 minutes directly after the treatment, you'll feel like your skin is burning. literally. (DAMN PAINFUL AHHH @#$#$%$%^#$#@!#$%^&*!!!)

Cost :
i. It's around RM3k for 6 times but please consult your skin specialist/doctor; price may vary.

Results :
Today is the 3rd day of my 1st Microfractional Laser treatment. My skin's reacting really good to it although I have to apply tons of moisturizer throughout the day.. I can already see the difference and it feels smoother + tighter =) despite of the redness, people are already complementing!

Remarks :
It is completely safe. The laser beam that is projected into the skin acts to "awaken" the tissues in the epidermis layer. Proven scientifically.

(note : these photos are not edited except for the copyright)

box box box box

more box box box box box box on the right side of my face
*contact me if you're interested to seek skin help - i know a good doctor*

but the boxes on my face didn't really stop me from going out
all i needed was a cap :P

had dinner at sushiking with bernard and daniel
they call me "ciu-ciu-ciu"(lasergun) face -.-

played snooker with the boys

this will be up next ;)

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