Monday, June 09, 2008


yes ka, im back from bangkok ka.
here's the first part of my trip ka! :)
lol im very much siam-fied!

anyway, our mode of transportation is pretty "extravagant" and shocking at the same time.
parents decided to travel by TRAIN. ohmygoodness.
a 20 hour shaky choo-choo ride all the way to Bangkok.
it was such a waste of time; despite it being an experience that i would totally embed in my mind for years to come!
that train ride is my first and definitely my last.
you know, God was being brutal that day;
our train broke down and we were stuck in that train for more than 24 hours!!!!

Bukit Mertajam train station

seats are meant for two but my sister and i bunked in with my parents for dinner.
i realized that i look so different now and then - must be the hair!

my sister got really paranoid; LOL
we slept in the train obviously (duh), but not in a seated position
they have bunk beds that can be stretched out from the seats!
divided into the lower and upper bunk,
my sister and i made the upper decks our crib for the night.

i remember waking up several times that night; heard Thai people murmuring in their mother tongue and what more i was sleep deprived due to the bumpiness of the train. My phone kept ringing; it was Friday night that day.
Friends were looking for me and Steven,
sorry that I coundn't make it to your birthday party at SS!

FINALLY! we arrived in bangkok at 1430 BKK time
which was 1530 malaysian time.
look at them people sitting around waiting for their train ride.
i saw a few leaning against the wall in a seated position, completely dozed off!

this was taken somewhere near where we lived;
thanks uncle Alan for offering us all a roof on our heads during our visit;
not to mention the hospitality that you've provided!

argh. the cost for 1 litre of petrol.
approximately RM4 in thailand;
i guess we malaysians are still lucky for just having to pay RM2.70 per litre.
I'm totally unhappy with the hike in our petrol price,
but i guess it's a world wide economy thing.

headed of to some night market near Bangna.
this one really caught my eye. :D
moths, lizards, grasshoppers, worms, etc etc and god-knows-what.

appetizing enough?
lol. i almost puked.
gonna puke if i stare longer at this picture;
WILL NEVER EVER EVER in my life put a roach in my mouth!

well i need to make a shout out here to a couple of people here
please shift your "care" towards your own children or spouse or relatives and not me
stop interfering with mine and blabbing things that may cause havoc
it's my life anyway, do i even need your consent? - NO.
are we even connected? - NO.
do i need you to manage my life? - NO.

SO, i'm being nice here, i dont need nobody to tell me what to do in life
especially from people who dont know what they're up to sometimes.
it's my own life, i sow what i reap.
besides, who are you to judge me?
stop acting like you know everything when you don't.
bugger off. thanks :)

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