Saturday, June 21, 2008

of random days!

okayyyy here's the long awaited update!
i've been staying in my aunt's place for a couple of days now
been going out a lot, wasting my time doing absolutely nothing
except contributing to our country's economical cycle.

other than that, my life is taking a huge turn at the moment;
i'm trying to change - and by faith, i'm gonna walk a whole different path.
found a whole new meaning to life now :)
from the inside out.

at this moment, the car is still moving!
but highway sajalah.
talk about multitasking! :D

my mom got admitted into Gleneagles like a week or two back
had an eye op; and stayed there for two nights.
3 roses; but it's the heart that counts right?!
thanks to those who visited my mom at the hospital :)
it made her day, seriously.

met up with Jason and Ralph for a regular chill out session later on at PSC

played monopoly for HOURS!

what's the tissue for? LOL
something fun happened.
but i promised to keep it in the 4 walls of PSC -.-

with Jason
please ignore the weird "water"marks on the picture
i think it's my dirty camera lens

a few other shots from another night

failed attempt to jump hahaha

meet the sisterssss!! woohooo ahhahaa

haiya, just admit it
no one jumps like me
flawless; like a dove. LOL

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