Friday, June 13, 2008


i know ive kept you readers awaiting for this post for too long;
i'm sorry - there's just a lot going on for the past couple of days.
my mom just got discharged from Gleneagles Medical Centre this noon after an operation.
no worries though, everything went on smoothly :)

back to my Bangkok trip!
this post highlights day 2 and 3 of it,
i just wanna get over and done with it; about 15+ photos i think lol.
so let the photos load for 2 secs, and start reading!


family photo - without my brother who's in sabah :(
off to SIAM Paragon!
everything is way too expensive there;
luxury items - branded goods.

Siam Popiah?

this one's my favorite though i have no idea what's it called!
sweet and crunchy at the same time :)
just plain YUMMMMEHHH!

you can't say you've been to thailand without riding on their tut tuts!

i remember walkin from street to street,
from one BTS station to another;
from one shopping complex to two other across the road.
what more could be more blissful than a 1 hour thai foot & shoulder massage!!!!
ONLY 129 baht! ish. so addictive.


had this for breakfast!
"koay chiap". pretty good stuff;
you can even add sugar and salt and chili powder to it!

from Huay Hwang station
took the train to godamnit-i-dont-remember-the-name-of-the-place

ooo market market!
"come madam. come see. fresh! only 10baht!
very nice."

after about 30 minutes -1 hour walk around that area,
our tummies started to grumble!
thank goodness there was a food stall in the market area
so we stopped by for a bite!

my "grape juice"?

it was such a hard thing trying to communicate with the Thai people
especially when they speak so little english
and the only sentences i know in Thai is "sawadeeka" (hello)
and "ka khun ka" (thank you) lol.

I wanted to order Grape Juice and i ended up pointing north-south-east-west
and she still didnt get the point...
but she served me something beautiful :P
a drink that matches my green top!!!!

one of them Thai delicacies.

on our way to chinatown!
have u ever wondered;
why does almost every country in the world have a place called chinatown?

i look SO tired; that's cuz we did some serious shopping and walking that day!
couldnt stop buying!
i wanna go back there n buy somemore!!!!!

my legs were so sore from all that walking;
thank God that uncle Alan came to the rescue
picked us up for dinner near Hwai Hwang or something
a floating thai restaurant with a live jazz band!
AWESOME ain't it :)

part of the restaurant
i was too sore to get up and snap photos of it lol

and it's gooooooooooooooood

nothing beats the taste of this baby!

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