Saturday, January 26, 2008


everyone's down with cough and flu - including me;
i guess it's contagious.
ah, the times that we live in.
life can be pain in our butts at times, ei?

short update, nothin much in this one
just wanted to upload some photos else my blog would be certified "D.E.A.D"

watched Rambo last night with mom, sis, jasmine, jason and mike
gawd. godamn

me in the driver's seat
about a week or two ago
headed off to Gurney

evelyn and me
waitin for the time to tick by

evelyn and sis

who say guys don't pose for the camera? :D
ninjoe joe joe joe joe joe...

this was last saturday i think;
dont quite remember. oh well!
went over to stephanie's to get ready and all..


sisters [:

can your eyes tell stories?

gotta go!
*scampers off to get ready*

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