Thursday, January 10, 2008

a new start.

this update is a little outdated but who cares;
i couldnt find anything else to blog and if i blog randomly i would totally drag you guys into reading my thoughts;
i'm FED up. i am. with so many things. and with some people.

anyway i love these two photos but they're too friggin blur

she's imin and i love her.
we're sisters. for real.
[: but we dont really look alike, dont we?

i wasn't in a cheongsam
took this on new year's eve at UPR

a day before or after new years (i dont recall when exactly),
went out with Randall; remember that celebrity fitness gym coach i told you about in my previous post? yeah, we went to Glo and SS that night; it was gay night. hahahaa. i had too many drinks, a few shots of whisky and a bottle of carlsberg. i was literally floating on air. And so I had to send Stephanie home, but I couldn't drive. So, thanks Randall for driving.

randall and my sister.

it was around 3 something.
my sister and me went to Randall's and Ryan's because OBVIOUSLY i couldnt drive.
heck, i couldnt even stand on my two feet for more than 5 minutes. Randall, thanks for letting us bunk in on your bed while you slept on the thin-thin-thin mattress on the floor. such a sweetie!

told you;
i had too much 'lalalala' in my blood.
my face was almost as red as my hair haha.
and oh that's his bantal busuk in his room.

stayed up talkin to him until it was around 8 in the morning.
he and Ryan showed me some of their paintings, amazing.

so before we left,
i ventured into their kitchen.
and jeng jeng jeng. guess what i saw?!
BOYS will ALWAYS be BOYS huh?

that's all for 2007.

2008 - clean start for everything. im so excited. this is the beginning of SO many new things and the opening of so many new doors for me. This time next year I will make sure that i can say "the past year was the year I made something of myself and made myself proud."


danielctw said...

hey minny...
sometimes we get pissed off at people. Well, hope everything goes fine. In the meantime, look forward to a better 2008 ya..

Me.. I am dying. I don't wanna work!!!

Neo said...

That bread looks yummicious! Me dying also, I don't wanna work also!!!

CresceNet said...

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Darren said...

roti kuraaaap! hehehe, reminded me one time that i almost ate one when i did not realize there was mold on the bread.