Sunday, January 06, 2008

party days

sometimes looks can be deceiving and deluding. we all know that but we still tend to like judge people from time to time. i guess it's just human nature! (as if i've never done it before :P)

i still can't believe it's already 2008. i can't believe that a year had passed by so fast, too fast that i don't even really remember what happened and why did somethings happen. ok lah, enough of the random stuffs. been partying too much especially during the last week of 2007, and nope it didn't stop there. parties and the night life kept oppressing me. so much for wanting to bertaubat, wei -.-

i think this was some time last week? Joan and myself at Ghotel's lobby. Before that, I went to watch "I am Legend" with Randall. blah, can't believe that I'm friends with my gym's personal trainer (not MY trainer, ah, you get the drill). He can palm read. yes, freaky!

Randall : u're gonna fall in love for 9 months and then get married around the age of 28
Me : WTF!!
*everybody stared* well yeah i was loud.

evelyn, joe and my sister

guo wei TRYING to be cute for once. failed attempt i could say!
hung out with the both of them yesterday, they got their hair cut for school - short. FUNNY okay. aahhaa.

well, yesterday was another party day for me,
but trust me in between of last week's partying and yesterday, I HAD a few more.
I was even there for GAY NIGHT. like wth. but it was a cool experience hahaha

SO, it was Saturday. first week of 2008.
what's there to do? PARTY lah.
no. i'm serious.
no. trust me..
and NO i'm not addicted!

i look stoned but i was actually behind the wheels.

went to queensbay with my sister for a while. wanted to get some tops from forever21, tried on a couple and eyed the whole shop but NOTHING new. i've literally seen almost every single piece of clothing in that store; i'm getting bored. they should get new stocks. nothing fits perfectly, most tops are out of size. blablabla i can go on forever.

went to Gurney to meet up with Stephanie and Nikki.
In the mean time we bumped into a lot of people and to be honest, the guys have their nerdy looks back - goodbye long, awesome, spiky hairdos. nonetheless, they still look spunky ;p

steph and myself

went to Andrew's place and waited for Nikki to get ready. HE HAS LIKE FIVE CUTE DOGS i tell ya!! And one of them is called BOW WOW. howwwwwwwww adorable! divine, divine :)
got to know 6 new dudes (friends of Nikki and Steph) last night.

steph and my pretty lil sista.

so we headed to the same old same old place
upper penang road.

was at mois and glo,
the best part was glo's DJ was sooo friggin outgoing;
when the bass was pumping and people were dancing,

aha. now you can tell how often i "loiter" around that area.

this is Mike. such a random picture though, wonder what i was pointing at.
he's a sweetheart. takes care of me whenever i'm less sober.


Anonymous said...


Thks for leaving a msg at my cbox. Too bad u could not make it for my first meeting with Penang Bloggers, hopefully next time k.

Life is Good!!!

Christien New

ralph said...

lol yeah i saw u 2 haha
i see u almost all the time i go out lol