Wednesday, January 16, 2008


it is happening again.
never cease to 'fail' me - the stupid internet connection in USM.
i have so many things to tell and so many blablabla-s to jot ]:

anyway, i'm currently updating DURING my lab session.
having a class at the moment yes, yes.
2 hours of lecture ABOUT microsoft office.
it's kinda ironic how everybody looked at me when i opened the door and stepped my right foot in.. the computers are connected,
and i got a message from a friend who's currently sitting a few seats away saying how red my hair is. all i can say is "ang ang boh hai lang" (hokkien)

well yeah, it's not everyday that you get to see a RED head walk through that door.
*tilts head up and lecturers going on about 'this is simple. just set a footnote blablabla*
*back to blogging*

you can tell just how much i wanna run out from here.

will be updating real soon, as i have heaps of photos to share with ya'll.. let's just say, this friday? hehe :D

each person knows the extent of their own suffering,
or the total absence of meaning in their lives.
*taken from a book im currently reading - Veronika chooses to die*


flux said...

i saw few red head walk thru my lecture room door this semester..guess red is the in thing now,but their red head is like lala not attractive at all.. said...

haha..ang ang bo hai lang..this is my usual words in my life..

anyway waititng for ur good post..

ultramonkey said...

haha.. tell me bout ppl staring at ur hair.. T.T

Des said...

u shud thank god at least u can on9 although it is slow and often disconnect.. becos most of the time it dont works!

CY said...

Minny, you're from USM?