Sunday, January 20, 2008

typical sunday.

The sound of Starbucks Baristas grinding coffee is giving me a warm, cozy feeling.
let's not even start to talk about the smell of coffee - mmhmm;
"1 iced latte. 2 blended frappuccino with cream" backgrounds the sound of people murmuring and kids laughing. the weather is so godamn hot today, i parked my car outside with i think a billion others. a typical sunday i shall say [:

i looked out of the window and i see the penang bridge anchored under the sea,
the sun reflecting its beam over the sea, people shutting the doors of their car,
trying to get shelter from the scorching hot sun that is piercing through their skin.
a couple of people fallen asleep so peacefully on the sofa itself;
and the rest are like me, hitting the keys on our laptop.

i know it's been like about a week since my last proper update,
i couldnt even get a connection at home, blah, sue streamyx.

this update may be a little outdated but bear with me :D
on wednesday i went to Mois; and joined a dance modelling competition.
hell yeah, i JUST gotta show off my minnylicious-deliciousness skills. ahha (i wish)
an umbrella as a crop to dance with. yup.

*THINK rihanna in her UMBRELLA mtv*

anyway, the girl with the loudest cheer wins.
guess who won?

awesome :D
got a bottle of bacardi limon as well
guess how much i won that night?

yeah baby!
800RM in cold hard cash
was a memorable night [:
didnt know i could even win!

here's a few random pics that i like

we party hard :)

now, this is me that you MIGHT not get to see on a daily basis [:
my mid semester exams are coming soon.
gotta slow down on partying,
put on these glasses and do what University students do - study.

lappie's running out of battery
and im running late for jasmine's birthday party.


angelinemiss said...

fulamak.. MISS MOIS worr....
win RM800 somemore.. pre-cny angpow izit? ahaks.. anyway, got video of u dancing that night? wanna c.....

danielctw said...

minny minny..... aiyaks... u exam liao... won't be free on weekends ka??

Satkuru said...

wahhhh cash some more @_@"

vingie said...

RM800 CASH.. OMG @@

WillaZz said...

M & M, Min Min, Miss Mois!

what a coincidence ahems* mic check mic check.. 1,2,1,2... microphone testing..

JJzai said...

you won cash money!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommorow Baskin Robins on you!!!!!!!!!

Minny said...

ANGELINE : hahaa nope no video but strangers took it [: spent almost all of it already!!

DANIEL : not free before cny. assignments due d :( sad nia


WILLAZZ : hentam your head ah!! use mic and hentam. hahaha

JJZAI : no more lo. pokkai d. spent d. hahahaha :D