Saturday, January 05, 2008

IMIN's sweet 16th

okay, dont blame me.
school's started and i couldn't get online as usual;
that's why i couldn't update :(
it was TORTURING! rargh.

HAPPY SWEET 16TH sister :)
i loveeeeeeeeee you!
{click here to visit her blog k}

boys shall be boys

omg i miss this lil punk
i wonder why he was pulling my hand -.-

i look like TAI KA CHE right right right? hahaha

DUDES. look at reagan; totally stoned. haha

banana boat.
first was the guys then us girls.. was seriously fun wei!
the guys' boat turned over and we laughed our asses off.

vanessa, venice, zhigie, charlene, imin, sara

they're going for a parachute ride!

getting strapped up and ready!

there goes charlene and sara!!

on air :D
charlene's and sara's parachute fell into the ocean
poor thing.

lucky eusern i shall say

left at around 7 to charlene's place to get ready :)
thanks for being a great hostess babe!
her maid made us chicken, cocktails and noodles for dinner.

evelyn the hottie and myself

birthday girl and me :)

me fooling around when everyone's getting ready
cute slippers huh?

effin red hair!
lovin it.

off to UPR!
woohoo. met so many people there :)
had such a blast.
finished off our very last BACARDI LIMON that we kept at the bar for the dance competition..

us at MOIS.

another one :D

the FANTASTIC five.
tak tahan saja...
reagan, edwin, ray, zander, denis.
and that's my sister la of course.

familiar faces.
ting ting ting!

angel and cally.
our shaking partners xD


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