Sunday, November 16, 2008

that BITCH gave me a love bite.

yeah. i'm not kidding
A BITCH flippin bit me
a LOVE BITE i would say :P

It was last Saturday, when I was just walking down the road to a shop nearby on Burmah Road. Parked my car at some quiet neighborhood to avoid getting a ticket from the mata-matas of Malaysia because there weren't any parking available for me..

So I got down from the car, amazed by the number of trees they actually have in the neighborhood, I saw a couple of new-born puppies right infront of somebody's yard. I didn't even want to touch them because they looked SO tiny - like you can actually break them into bits and tear their head off if you carry them up. And so, I walked by and OUT OF NO WHERE, this stray-BITCH (what I mean is a female stray dog - like duhhh, what were you thinking!) jumped on me, scratched my leg and bit me :(

Being a drama queen which I already am, I kicked it because it was biting and biting AND biting like as if I'm a piece of drumstick or something. I ran into my car, got really upset and frustrated, parked next to it, whined down the window and threw a bottle containing at least a good 400ml of water towards it. BULLSEYE.

I guess it was just my luck. It was just protecting its pups. A mother's instict, but HELLO if you ever walk pass any dogs or puppies, PLEASE do not annoy it. Who knows the next person who walked next to it might be the victim of your doings - just like I did! The pain was stinging and was bleeding but my heart was in more pain, and I know if I didn't get a jab, I would be diagnosed with rabies. eeee!!! Enganging my gear into D, I drove to the nearest clinic.

Clinic 1 : CLOSED.
Clinic 2 : CLOSED.
Clinic 3 : NO PARKING.


At that point, I was already thinking how my life would be living with rabies -.- Paranoid sial I tell you.. So, I drove around, having no idea where is the next nearest clinic, I looked to the left and AH! there was it.... A CLINIC!

The nurse was so nice to me, asking how I felt and let me in first. Doctor said it was a minor one with a few scratches but I still needed a jab. darnit. I hate needles, more over injections.

Doctor : Less painful on the bum.. where'd you want it? and the injection is no pain at all
ME : THE ARMMMMMMMMMMM (the needle was at least a good 5cms long *faints*)
(I'm NOT exposing my lovely bum no matter what~)

so here are the pictures a week after I got bit.

see the bite marks?

some scratches and bite mark

there goes my leg.

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