Tuesday, November 18, 2008

21 years into 18 boxes

new crib baybehhh!
i'm moving! like, finally ;)
i've been busy packing things into boxes. 8 of them are clothes. I didn't know I've got so many junk stored in my room - 18 BOXES altogether. It's actually kinda fun looking through old stuffs - i've stumbled upon old letters, old photographs. old gifts from friends that i don't even talk to anymore...

REALITY CHECK : i don't know which resource told you that i'll be organizing or having an open house party; but the fact is - NAH UH, WRONG. I don't even know the exact date i'll be moving in, or when i'll be completely settled down. I've got troubles packing, I'll BE having troubles unpacking too you know!

Oh yeah, before I forget, make sure you girls and guys check back my blog, I'll be opening a new e-shop blog - screw www.minswardrobe.blogspot.com, abandoned that one like ages ago haha. I've got too many clothes that I don't wear anymore. Too many pieces that don't fit well anymore. There are BRAND new ones, and also those which I've only wore for 2-3 times(?). There will be clothes, handbags, and books too. so CHECK BACK!

besides being busy with packing, i'm tramatized by the fact that i'll be sitting for 3 final papers today onwards until thursday. I'm SO doomed. I'm addicted to this geography challenge game on facebook more than i'm addicted to studying. this is insane!

part of my current room..

i took a good 8 hours packing.
eh, i know i've got some serious tummy going on there; i'm working on it!

messy right? ;p
i need kahlua. or better yet, some BAILEYS.
once this is over, let's go chill, babes!

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