Monday, November 03, 2008

durante la semana

it's been a while since my last proper update,
and i dont think most of my readers still do read my blog.
anyhowwwww, here's an update about
what i normally do on weekdays since my classes are over.

ever wondered?

my cousin Cynthia and I has this, let's just say, "weird" passion for cycling.

the weather was alright but way too hot at first,
that pretty much explains why my skin is turning brown by the moment.

it's that pout face again!

I HAD TO RIDE ON A BICYCLE which looks like one that a 70 year old would get on to go to the morning market to get some fresh fish and blablabla. and i had to paddle EXTRA EXTRA harder when i'm going uphill. brakes don't work that well either; but it was a blast riding around while exclaiming that the "mak cik of all basikals is passing by! make way!"


don't know which one i like better
so i post up two!


so we cycled and cycled around our housing area
til we reached a park, and WTFBBQCHICKEN

then we took shelter for a bit at a sundry shop nearby (thank God). Bought some snacks and that 20cent popsicle that i believe we all use to indulge in when we were in school.

Popsicle, yum yum!
me without my soulmate - the eyeliner.

raindrops on an anonymous' car

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