Monday, November 10, 2008

21 [part 1]

it felt surreal;

it's as if it was just yesterday that all of us stood less than 4 feet tall, stomping our tiny feet and carrying power ranger school bags to school.. i don't know what it's like for you when you turn a certain age but for me, i'm starting to miss my childhood and the moments i had when i was a kid more and more. i've finally turned 21, and 3 weeks old.

before i start flooding you readers with pictures from my birthday,

i wanna say THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes, and gifts! thanks much for those who made it for the party, although it was quite a heavy downpour the other night :) special thanks to those who offered so much help in making my party a success (you people know who you are) you guys definately made my 21st a memorable and fun one!

rented out a place at Sri Sayang,
twas a fingerfood party
dress code : NO BLACK, NO WHITE.
why? because only the birthday girl is allowed to dress like that ;p

making Tequila Shots

boysmen will be men.


meet my lovely coursemates who came all the way from USM!
♥ you guys!

(click their names to view their blogs)

BFFs for 6 years & still counting!


with Nick and Zac

part 2 coming right up!
man, i still can't believe i'm A YOUNG ADULT now

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