Thursday, July 19, 2007

Minny Leaves For USM

*pictures uploaded by Fengy*
thanks a bunch ya!!!

yah. i'm leaving first thing in the morning tomorrow :)
just completed packing and stuffing all my junks into the bag
hehe.. well,
kinda feel reluctant to leave, but
come to think about it, i'm only 30 minutes away from home!
im gonna miss you guys tho ):

wont be coming online so often cuz i have to stay in the hostel.
haven't bought a laptop yet.
so, i'm sorry if I don't have much time to bloghop as I used to.

i'm an undergraduate.
i can't believe it (:

please click to enlarge.
especially SHOUTOUT people lol;
come find me!!!

famous koay teow in butterworth.
errr it looks horrible because i ate the koay teow
before i took a picture of it haha


lazy wanna edit; took it from my sister's file lol

went to Queensbay with my sis yesterday to buy some stuffs.
met up with Jasmine and Jason (:
pictures are in jasmine's cam
MNG, TOPSHOP weeeeeeeeeeee

started packing just now

since i live only 30 mins away,
i bring so little clothes hahaha xD


JAHATS! a message left by FENGY.
FengY can kacao Minny blog. Kekeke (^^)V


Anonymous said...

I dont think you uploaded the pictures right. Nothing is coming up.

BUT all the best in your future undertakings :D

Anston said...

Dear Minny, Wish u Happy Study :P

I miss Penang foods a lot (T T), they had a few more kuay tew soup stalls very solid :D

jimmychin said...

minny go study liao... i will miss u one...

Banis....... said...

Wakakakaka MINNY,
All the best n remember HE is always with u.GBU

Des said...

B.A.T.I is a nice course i believe.

but a super busy uni life awaits u!

all the best for ur further endeavours!

~*♥*~ÄmèLïâ~*♥*~ said...

minny minny minny~~~~

all de best in ur study oo!!
gayau gayau..jiayou...gambateh!!!!

mz take care of urself ya..god bless u...anyway, my fren is in USM too..taking music..2nd yr dyyy..

=jaecywong= said...

good luck in USM!