Thursday, July 12, 2007

MINI shoutout gathering

*most of the pictures were taken by CheeHsien,
so, thank youuuu! [:*

(July 7th 2007)
wah so many sevens..

went out with Benjipapa, Cedric, Chee Hsien, ChefKhuen.
Al, Dexter, Emily, PC joined later.
and a few more people did..

first stop was Queensbay.
had a hard time finding for a place to park cuz of the SureHeboh carnival outside.
ended up going in several big rounds around that area.

met infront of coffeebean the one next to MNG
(yep yep - MNGlicious = minny chan!)
our bored look as we were deciding where to head to.
eh, these two pictures can combine become one :P

Kenny Rogers for lunch.
then off to Q at Gurney for Pool session!

sial betul okay, no parking again.
I had to beg the security guard to let me wait at the carpark entrance
how could they resist Minny's puppydog face :D

we totally camwhored!
we were sooooo noisy
laughing all the way and everything!

that's dexter


shoutout's very own mami & papa
weeeeeeee (:

cedric's lick-able pose

what-u-want look

"i'll lick your oh-ice cream,
and u can lick my lollipop.
pop pop pop pop~"

i love this photo

Al *ahems* with Cedric
just ignore minny in the pic, please

chee hsien and me doin the lickable pose lol


POOL session begins!

Gaya itu mutu
mutu itu keunggulan
(whoa, picked that line from a cigarette ad)

on the table!


benji a.k.a alex

OMG look at cedric hahahaa

lending a hand hahaha

minny in action! weeeehee

go chee hsien!

we were at popular watchin some anime they put on lol
whose kid is that?

Northam Beach for dinner

too much of cedric's jokes
hahaha :D

CEDRIC!!! what were you doing to MY papa?!

camwhoring in progress


camwhoring in progress, again!

PC's food!
oh my, they did something horrible with it too,

picked Daniel (yeah daniel from KL) up from Stallions
then off to EGATE!
5 cars.

don't we look cute?


Jean Chia said...

envy you guys ler. get to hang out together and hv so much fun.. :)

Stephen said...

so minny is a pool shark, eh? i got a table at my house. if you wanna come try it out ;)

jimmychin said...

minny, how come so many gathering one....

yellowbanana said...

my lips go round like that.. i lick your lollipop...

miChi3 said...

too bad that day i cannot go..>"< macam sangat seronok! =D ehh, i didn't take any photo with mami b4...! I dun care, next time must take 1 with me..XD

Ringo said...

You just kena-ed cheesed! Muahaha.

Reference: I memed you

danielctw said...

5 cars again... yam kung
i always kena emphasized 5 cars

aL said...

woi! wa bo ahems with cedric wokay!