Monday, July 02, 2007


this is a very picture-y update :D
so, prepare!


went out to Queensbay to shop for formal clothes and some grocery goods
for University with Ya Zhi and Arthur.
can you guess what car were we in?

lunch at Dragon-I.
we had to line up alright, -.-
for about 10 minutes or so

peanuts for starters (:

oh yummy
i loveee this

you should try, you should really really try

then we went bowling in Queensbay.

"huh queensbay got bowling?" u ask.
"YEAHHH OF COURSEEEE. scroll down" :P

who say dont have!

cute ya?

sometimes i wish that i'm a kid again
where everything in this world is about fun and games

omg so cute!

the doraemon game!

fun i tell u!


shopped for groceries at Jusco hypermart.
off to Gurney.




i'm missing all of my friends;
who are in different Universities now


Jean Chia said...

i love this kind of peanuts, escpecially when it's hot!

jlshyang said...

wat car wat car? Must be some cool ride...

jimmychin said...

minny still young...
like to play... :p hehehe
bring me go too

=jaecywong= said...

wa the food looks delicious... saliva dropping already*... n yea u look matured in that shirt~ :D

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow the mincepork with rice is in a tub!! A rice tub! Eat already become 饭桶! LOL...

Btw, u studying in uni ah?

aL said...

i've heard so much bout the restaurant...

okay. gonna check it out soon. hahhaa.

Innocent^^Guy said...

the last pic baju buy!

fattien said...

Omg!!! minny bowling....lolz.I really love ur crazy photos. kekekeke. Until toilet also camwhoring...lolz

CRIZ LAI said...

Tipu me..I thought I can go bowling in QB and small one meh? Hmmm...why must ladies always take photos in the toilet ar? Syiok meh? Hehe :P