Saturday, July 12, 2008


this song resembles part and parcel of my life at the moment.
let it be friends, family and even for the things that i believe in.
despite the song being relevant and carrying some sort of meaning that
only myself know about;
enjoy the song while u read on my rants (if you want to)

"After my dreaming
I woke with this fear
What am I leaving
When I'm done here"


sometimes when you grasp upon something too tightly, you'll end up losing it.
the more you wanna keep and maintain the things in life, the more it sways.
i once heard that life is how you make it and i have to agree.
how you view life can change the way you live.
your perspective molds the way you carry yourself.
i dont know about you, but this is what i basically think about life now.

rejection. hurt. anger. unforgiveness. disappointment. resentment.
dissatisfaction. jealousy. loneliness.

the things that we have to deal with almost everyday of our lives.

anyway! enough ranting.
gotta go get ready to meet up with daddy and mommy
then off to church tonight :)

do not trouble anyone else with the hurtful words you utter, boy.
there's no reason to be plain brutal with them; nobody is perfect neither are you
so stop proclaiming and acting that you're the best when you're not even close.

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