Tuesday, July 08, 2008

day1 070708

well, well, well.
THAT day has finally arrived!
no, not my wedding day of course
it's the day where I stepped foot into USM once again after so long;
and this time as a 2nd year student of B.A Translation and Interpretation (BATI).
i can finally say; I'M A SENIOR.

nicked this off Zhe Rong's blog [lizardboi88.blogspot.com]
clickety click!
DK(dewan kuliah)foyer
the foyer with halls where we often have our classes and tutorials :)

let's meet the other side of Minny.
yups. the nerdy one.
the book-face one 8-)

goodness gracious me!
it's a little too much of airbrushing/photoshop done on my forehead!!
i know, definitely not the best picture ever but
this is how i look like for my first day back in Uni.
people were asking about my 'amy winehouse' inspired eyeliner LOL

cars parked along the road
it's REGISTRATION DAY for the seniors!

the view from Pusat Bahasa & Penterjemahan.
took me quite some time to register for the courses i opt for;
i hate it to the max seriously
subjects clashing.
back to back classes.

for lunch, i took my coursemates to a coffee shop near Bukit Jambul
sells really good "Pan Mee" and "Dim Sum"
what more, the food is CHEAP!

i seriously like it there,
we ate under the tree ; with greens surrounding us and birds chirping away

i have a confession to make
i haven't had dim sum ever since my holidays started (3 months ago)
UNTIL today!
reason : cannot wake up for it. too early -.-

my tummy hurts real bad.
feels like someone is twisting it.

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