Wednesday, July 02, 2008

make music NOT missiles

make love, not war
make music, NOT missiles.

this is no good. no good at all..
i've not been updating for a week now and where are all my readers? :(
i can't even impact them to come back and check if i've updated for the past few days?
sheesh. talk about me being sucky at relationships;
i cant even maintain the number or visitors/readers to my blog.
i realized that it has deteriorated - BIG TIME!

anyway, i've been away to the island @ my aunt's
once again, my durability to be connected to the online world was very much challenged.
nevertheless, i have heaps and heaps to blog about!
and zillions of pictures to share!

on thursday of last week, we had a band jam session at The Realm
and oh yeah, most of the photos in this post is taken by Willazz [credits! click to his blog]

Rui Yang a.k.a Radius doing his thing

yeah, my shirt says make music not missiles

GURU showing me his skills on the keys

Thomas and me
i dont know why i look so serious, wei -.-


world-renown rapper in the making


me me me me me me me me
me me me me me me *breathes*
me me me me me me ME :D

Bernard on the drums

Hannah, Rae Hong, Zurene
they sound like angels. period!

the emo bassist, Amos

my cousin Nick, who fell asleep during the session

me and the two girls :)

let's end this post with this picture, shall we?

my 2nd year in University starts next week

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