Saturday, July 05, 2008

BUKIT MERAH. finally!

the desire in our hearts to venture out for a water theme park continued
we didn't settle for The Carnival nor Lost World of Tambun;
ever since our very first TAK BUKA experience -.-
(click here if u haven't read it)
provides such condign satisfaction :)

being a sweetheart again,
Cedric drove us all there.

being oh-so-free in the car, (for not having to drive)
i splatted on some SPF35 on myself..!
anyway, meet JJ;

Cedric, you guys definitely know him lah.

when i have nothing to do,
these are my only entertainment
VANITY and cameras

As we drove surpass the toll to Bukit Merah,
the same old feeling from our first trip rang a bell
it was so familiar, i've felt this before :
the condition of being over-excited
i can imagine myself sliding down the water slides,
gliding through those man made waves;
and pictures of me kicking my friends down the water kept mingling with my mind
AHAHAHA yeah it was that bad!
My capacious heart couldn't take it!

i didnt know my legs are that long -.-

extreme photoshop :P

RM21 per head.
another RM10 for the floater thingy.
another RM2 for the locker.

damn, they're making good money out of this.

AIYOOO and let me share with you guys;
stranger : miss, you're an actress or some sort?
me : huh? *puzzled* no lah
stranger : u look like a celebrity.. pretty!
me : WAHAHAHA! *laughs hysterically & thinks - something wrong with ur eyes?*
JJ (being nice) : yaya. she's an actress. for porn movies! HAHAHA!
me : WTF!!! *whacks JJ brutally*

anyway we got in, and totally had the time of our lives there
amazingly fun, the whole theme park was backed up
with the screams of Cedric's and mine :D

until one point where they stumbled upon a POT of GOLD.
yeah! I'm serious, around the man-made beach/pool with waves.
but it was tragic that the pot of gold is actually BLACK in color
and it stinks. the best part is;
it came right out from somebody's shit-hole

my legs are tanned!
compare the first couple of pictures with this one

they both need no more introductions
i'm 100% make up free

went to some Malay food stall opposite the entrance to Bukit Merah for dinner
we were starving! i could swallow a horse. literally!

i really like this photo
one of the reasons why i do?
- i look young :D

extreme satisfaction

golden skin :)

i had a blast although i remember that we were all completely washed out;
and our muscles were sore the day after.
totally WORTH IT!
more outings?

2nd Year of University starts in less than 2 days

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