Monday, February 04, 2008


it's happening again. it's happening again, yes. again, - after so many years.
the same old tears that was shed many times years back is coming down
strolling down my cheeks so gently.

the voice in my head kept repeating with the same words
accompanied by alicia keys' "like you'll never see me again"
playing on repeat for almost a dozen times since 1 a.m.

every single "haha" "hehe" "lol" "lmao" ":D"
on msn is not displaying what i'm feeling at the moment.
i thought i could escape what i'm feeling right now;
but i was proven wrong.
i couldn't deny the fact that i'm feeling the way that i thought i could avoid this time around.

i wish i know what's going on.
i wish i know that everything will be fine.
i wish i know.

shoot me, please.


Lasker said...

Poor Minny,

Stand tall, look up far far in front. Kesian nia ... no need think of da past one ma ..

Wheeee .. cheer up. Or come ShoutOut shout shout a bit .. sure help geh :good:

Banis....... said...

Its "HIM" lah...

Anonymous said...

cheer up gal. cheer up.

i think he never wanna see you cry in his life.
i think you know that.

M&M chocolate for you.

FengY said...

Bang Bang! :D Dun so sad! :P

Anonymous said...

minnny i am here in case you need me.dnt cry kay girl...*hugs*

cynthia said...

sayang minny. cheers! a long-time-no-chat friend is here to drop u comment to show that she stil cares. =)

Gymz said...

Wish you Happy Chinese New Year from team :)


colleen said...

it's only'll pass..
>PMS! PMS!< *points finger*
makes it less complicated. =P teehee..

Pippo said...

i know this is kind of a late comment but just to let you know that whenever you are sad we friends are here for you okay?


Minny said...

thanks lasker, banisoon, pippo, colleen, gymz, fengy and anonymous :)
your care means a lot to me!
wheeee xD