Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a red day

nah, not red alert day or anything oblivious;
i know i'm a bit left behind in updating but who cares!
chinese new year night! thanks Cedric for inviting us all to your lovely home for dinner.

assignments, tests and presentations are starting to pour in;
making me feel morbid sometimes..
but to be honest, i've been spending more time out campus rather than rotting inside
which makes me feel mortal again :D
believe me, there're changes that i wana make to my blog
but time is suppressing me.

here's my last wish for chinese new year, this year.
may prosperity bloom in your business/homes like the flowers during spring time.

okayyyy enough of me blabbing
here're a few photos from the first day of cny @ cedric's.

SCBONE's hairless leg.
omfg, yeah, i know.
i'm jealous too ya know :D

then, we adjourn to some camwhoring sessions as usual.

me & radius.

family portrait eh? merah merah! amboi.

she's so adorable!

mike and myself;

lovely emily and me

also caught some NON-HALAL sessions on cam.

tangkap basah :D

i know, i look completely normal;
but look at the guys!


another shot
i love this picture much!

some of us

there're more photos but not in my cam though ]:
i need to go get a haircut and go back to gym.
i feel.., let's just say dysfunctional physically - looks wise.


sc_Bone said...

last picture..
i buat spoiler!
semua girls, i 1 guy! xD

Minny said...

haha welcome to SISTERHOOD!!!

Rabbit said...

i like ur red hair. look very chio. =)

millymin said...

foooo-my-god! LOVELY emily lor!! buay tong!