Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the opposite of woohoos and weehees.

air brushed with photoshop.

i've always been updating about my life "outside" campus;
all the wooohoo and weeheees and late night outings.
but i'm sure you guys wanna know what the nerdy part of me has been doing lately.

no no no no, dont get me wrong,
i'm not limiting my, let's just say, wild side :D

through the past week and this week,
my friends and i had to take a bus/walk to class from our hostels;
not that we wanna burn any calories or whatsoever, but we're forced to!
my car is considered not "legal" around the campus area
because i didnt apply for the USM car sticker thingy.
Only 2nd year students can apply, and well, i'm only doing my first.
heck, they have roadblocks even in USM.
without the sticker, you'll be issued with a fine. got it twice already. pfffft.

that's why despite of the scorching hot sun,
with or without an umbrella;
we're healthy people - we hobble and skip down the streets happily!
yeah, right.

no wonder USM is called 'universiti dalam taman'

panas sial. -.-

had Subaidah in USM for lunch with a few coursemates the other day.
so much went on, POLITIC talk all the way!
i guess it's not a shocker,
for it doesnt collide with what the society is blabbing about nowadays.

zherong and hui hui

and theepa on the right hand side

me? i sat with yoke yin and listened;
voiced out my opinions too, in a very subtle way :)
but sometimes, politics do baffle me.

so many different views on politics;
but such a sensitive issue to talk about!


Ji Yuan said...

walking is my daily bread over here as i don't have a car.i walk 20 minutes to college everyday. Politics is the hot topic nowadays because of the upcoming elections. Even bloggers are candidates. You can read,there's a lot of interesting stuff that we never know of.

your face photoshop kaokao...haha too much blurring d,your face macam flat la,haha

FengY said...

wah lepas airbrush really fake lor! Muka macam porcelain vase like that :D hehe

walking to school ah? Reminds me of when I was in secondary school. I have to walk at 12 noon. Panas sial!

baam said...

hye, i am new here...
from now on.. i will access your blog and give full support on reading your stories...
why am i, bother?; well i think, this blog really good and have a nice attraction.. because a real hot and sexylicious chick is really authoring it... and that makes this blog attractable...
and the second reason is.. i am a stalker... and that what a stalker do.. stalk hotties..

Satkuru said...

hahaha i never liked politics and I never will. What a waste that I can't exercise as a voter for this coming elections

Anonymous said...

haha i got an idea for u..try geting the sticker from your senior's hehehe...