Monday, February 25, 2008

picture spoiler?

im sure you've all heard of movie spoilers, but not picture spoiler right?
so what exactly is a picture spoiler?

here's an example of a picture spoiler spotted in gurney.

he's none other than Cedric.
no wonder he's called goodboygonebad.
click here to adjourn to his blog!

traveled "home" to USM on sunday
don't you just love sunsets?

just a typical hang out day with friends,
it's sunday - what do you expect?
so we went off to gurney to watch STEP UP 2 : THE STREETS.
it was awesome. totally in love with it!
the songs; the moves; the actor (panas ok? drools)

after the movie, we went to pick up pippo at her home.
right, so after the movie we went to Subaidah for dinner/supper!
here are photos of us vainpots there..

me and my ronald mcdonald smile :)

pippo. so cute can?!

donno whether if he's camera shy or he just wanna show off his nails!

jasmine busy texting with her 'lah-ling'

V for..?

we mixed spice, mayo, fish curry and potato curry.


edited a couple of photos to upload on friendster
will share with you guys here soon [:

*scampers off to edit my blog header/skin*


iCalvyn said...

hoho..picture spoiler... i agree! but with he exist, more fund ma! :)

vingie said...

V for Vingie! yay!

FengY said...

Ronald Mcdonald looks good lor! I think beanie must have small eyes from now on :D