Wednesday, October 24, 2007


so I turned 20 on the 18th of October 2007.
thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
especially to Cedric, Benjipapa (Alex), Emily (zhiap), Chee Hsien, Vingie, I Min, Evelyn, Willazz, Ralph, JJ, and Al for giving me a blast on Saturday.
Thanks to Wendy, JJ, Benji, Cedric, Vingie, Emily and the others for the gifts [:
mwah to you guys.

time flies; i felt like i've achieved nothing except great friends.
i feel a sudden change of attitude and perspective.
i can finally say, i'm no longer a teen
and im eligible for almost anything now.

couldnt meet up with the shouters gang cuz i had to be home by 6 for birthday dinner with my family [: so my sis, evelyn and me went to Sunway Carnival instead.

fashion mistake, sistaaah.

i dont care if i look fat.

i love this one!

sooooooooooooooo. we got home at around 630,
then off to TGIF!

sisterly love.

family but brother's not here :(

some of the food we had.

and i totally got bullied by the staffs there

they made me stand on the chair k!!!
omg malu-fied.

im old now ]:

took off my stupid dress and wore only a jacket
ahhaha :D
watched the last region
pretty awesome!


spench___x said...

omggg tgif gives the best surprises ever haha!
eh you dont look fat la, you're gorgeous!! ;)

jimmychin said...

finally minny 20 liao..hhehe...
happy belated bday :)

sankochan said...

AH!! So cute the decay thing~~ how you do?? I also want to decay myself~~ XD

Dexxie Rocks said...

walao... the 1st picture so yeng and yet so scary... swt

annna said...

Happy bElated Bday babeh!!!

being 20 is not so bad lar.. ^^

ku E said...


happy belated birthday.

D.aphn.E said...

Minny. love the 1st pic.

Nicholas said...

i see ghost =D happy so belated birthday