Tuesday, October 02, 2007

emolicious & mid autumn festival

i just love this picture above [:
have u ever been in love; but yet wish that u've never fallen?
have u ever felt like he is your everything; but not your 'forever'?
have u ever met someone who completes your world; but is despised by the world?
have u ever felt that someone is your melody to your lyrics; your lyrics to your song?
feel sentimental tonight for no apparent reason. lol.


ANYWAY! mid autumn festival!
omg omg omg it was so fun i tell ya!
i had like so many mooncakes :D
and my coursemates and i went to the beach to celebrate.

gurney mia toilet.

went to crown jewel's beach

im so mean :D

unleashing the kid in us.


wen and huihui [:

omg i look so funny -.-

everyone was so happy that night [:


JJzai said...

Mami never ask JJ to join!!!!!!!

Dexter - Dexterity said...

JJ this wan girls party only mar... cannot guai yr mami wan... haha...

LOL y everyone likes emo picture wan...

oh ya... i come here to...

*spam spam spam**


yipguseng said...

why ar, i see a lot of ppl likes to snap a photo of their legs whenever they go to a place. symbolize that u stepped foot on that place?:D

btw, nice and cool header image over there!!

Des said...

oh i miss penang!!!

miss the beach!

dropping by to say hi and hows BATI?

aL said...

OOOOO! now abandon us d lah. ok lor...

suak ness.

Minny said...

JJZAI : hehe.. JJ u didnt celebrate with your friends ar?

DEXTER : u're a spammer!!! :P

YIPGUSENG : i have no idea why people do that lol; but it's fun in some ways [:

DES : then come back to penang!!! next week right? hehehe. BATI is alright; presentations are piling up like shyte. haha how's uni?

AL : mana ada ]: u guys always hang out and seeeee, i got special post for shouters u know

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Heya.. I guess the beach is the safest place to play with firecrackers/fireworks etc..haha.. if any fire, just use the sea water to put it out! =D

Des said...

uni's just fine... aiyah translation of cos got lotsa assignment..berbukit-bukau sumore haha... i surely come back wan...twice a month sumore hohoho