Tuesday, October 09, 2007

everyone's MARRIED!

ding dong bell.
there goes the wedding bells.

2 weeks ago (i guess) ;
one of my far related cousins got married in KL.
and they threw another wedding dinner in Cititel, Penang for us relatives here

i love lookin at wedding photos,
it's just ever-so-sweet.

i DID not drink that night, ok :D

my legs look like they've broken into three.

black and white

ok this looks yuck; but it tasted like RAINBOW omg omg.

3 generations.
well, half

ding dong bell
there goes ANOTHER WEDDING bell!

anyway, last month another cousin of mine from Aust (dad's niece) got married to an Italian in Germany [: Didn't get to go to the wedding rarghhhh
(i'm more pissed because i didn't get to travel around Europe with my relatives)
#1 - mom & dad has business blablablas to attend to
#2 - i have university -.-

meet min ling and boris.
so sweeeeeeeeeet

rrrrrrahahaha i want one :D

like a princess [: love the dress

boris and his sister

the ring boy!!!

that's another cousin of mine (min tze), the bridesman, my aunt, my cousin's mother in law, and min ling.

my uncle's so drunk

what's a wedding without a cake? :)



Satkuru said...

wah horse carriage some more. ganas !

millymin said...

MINNY i wanna gt married tooo!!!

spench___x said...

i want to marry an ang mor in europe too!!

sc_Bone said...

wei ... i tagged u ody
a TAG u confirm will likey!

Dex, Dexxie, Dexter, Dexterity said...

lovely couples..

I now pronounce you...
man and wife...

ding dong ding dong...~