Tuesday, October 16, 2007

happy early birthday, minny [:

last day of university;
my closest course mates celebrated my birthday for me.
cant believe im turning 20 this 18th.
thanks guys! i had so much fun hehe
and wen, thanks so much for the present!
it's now in my car

went for redbox.
hui hui has a soprano voice that could even beat JOJO i tell you

jun's birthday is 1 day after mine [:
happy birthday, girl!

she's super sweet

off to secret recipe for cake!

haha. but i love this pic

my hair looks weird ;p
and i look like a dummy

brownies and tiramisu


kinda blur, but who cares! it's a nice pic :D

went to Q.
and played some pool, yo!

really had so much fun the other day.

off to northam beach for dinner [:

hui hui and jun.


WillaZz said...

Happy birthday Min Min!!!!! wish you wish you......... erm..... All the best and the very best of the Best Of all THE BEST!!!!!!Your 1 year younger!*clap* hope you have a wonderful holiday!


sankochan said...

happy burfday gurl~~~ Uni finish?? does that mean your not coming to gym anymore!!!??? My college finish means I'm cuhming to gym everyday ady!!!

I have a 'THANG' for Leo Azevedo~~ *nose bleed*

Anonymous said...
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Charles Key said...

Happy Birthday to u!

Marshmallow said...

Min wen here
miss u ya

satkuru said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Minny ! So where's the cake ? :P

742 said...

Happy birthday to you... A belated one... =)