Monday, November 19, 2007

saturday night fever!!!!!

yeah, i drive [:
and ooo i love my butterfly bra straps

u can see the wings!

one of my favorites [:

me, ralph, cheehsien and emily.
spent the whole friday night at cheehsien's place!
i was all over his bed and pillows and blanket LOL
got home at around 7; slept the day away!

woke up at around 3 on saturday,
got ready and went out!
went to Fatty Loh at Fettes Park for western food
with aL, Emily, Emily's friend, Cedric, Ralph, Colleen, and Vingie.
thanks ced for picking me up!

wanna see how i look like when im effin TIRED?

ok enough laughing.

moving on...

went to Ninjoe's house to get ready for the night!
my sister doing Guowei's hair [:

off to UPR.

sarah, sister and me.

evelyn, yewlynn, sarah, sis, me

denis, yewlynn, me, evelyn, sarah, sis
handphone photos
i look like a vampire. no idea why so WHITE.

somewhere outside momo [:
sabrina, cleo, joan, me, adelene, charlene and brandon

me and cutie joan!

we girls rock :D

IT'S THE boobieman!

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satkuru said...

let's party ! :P