Friday, November 23, 2007

ladies night.

See, I'mma tell you like you told me
Cash rules everything around me
Singing dollar, dollar bill ya'll
Wyclef Jean - Sweetest Girl

So it was another Wednesday. Left home for Queensbay with sis and Evelyn at around 4.

Me in the fitting room.
lol yeah NO cameras :D
the red top makes me look like a pirate.. ARRRR!

off to sushi king for early dinner

i haddd somethingsomething rice with salmon
[: my sister and evelyn ended up painting their nails there!

the after results.

off to MPH to get a book

rarghh :D

totally love this.
gives a "dark-emo" feel!

books and more booooooks!

went off to meet Denis and Edwin
hung outtt until it's 11 plus
Headed off to UPR!

guess where's this?

I dont remember who took this;
they had this MISS PARTY GAL competition going on in Momo
Didn't have as much fun as I thought I would.

Off to Jamal for food,
and the guys went for Dota in Netcity as usual [:

I'M SO SORRY CHEEHSIEN FOR WAKING YOU UP at 5 in the morning with those text messages lol. i didnt mean to hahaha.

spent a night at evelyn's place

the morning after.

i love how my hair looks here!
me in the morning!

our so-called breakfast lmao.


benjipapa said...

ayo minny... i love ur photos la.... u memang getting better in photoshop edi lor... hehe

n n n n i love the fries gadget thing haha

WillaZz said...

i love the bath scene.. MUAHAHAHAHA
it turns me ON!!!! LONGKANG!!!

benji: dun lie... the is steamer lai.. lols.... i noe u mean the top picture rite??/ wakaakaka... okay.. enuff of crap....nice poses..

aL said...

eh apa nie. books and clubbing dont go together in 1 blog entry ok?

say YES to more books and TAK NAK to clubbing!

Liagiba said...

aik? i thought u went to queensbay (where forever21 is), thens suddenly u mention MPH pulak??
so ur actually at queensbay or gurney plaza one? cuz i know that queensbay has borders and popular...

kiimberley* said...

minny. you look pretty in those picture. when your back at penang. we shall hang. love you hun

Satkuru said...

eh i like the song, sweetest girl :P purposely go find when i saw your lyrics :D

dolla dolla bill ya :P