Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Preyingmantis

I hung you on a limb

Made you bend over
Backwards on a sin
Quit crying on my shoulder
There's nothing left to say
We're beautiful garbage
Throw it all away
Wash you off in the shower.

-The Preyingmantis (Porcelain and the Tramps)

this song is currently my fav; give it a try listen to it but dont tell me i didnt warn you - ONLY listen if you're into heavy punk. it's good. just click play and listen to this while u read my long blabbing post :D

nothing new to update about though. been updating daily for the past few days [: that song inspired me though, to do some photo manipulation on photo shop of me sitting and pondering in a graveyard. i went crazy with photoshop today lol spent almost idk, 6 hours on the PC!

don't you just love what photoshop could do for you?
took this picture of me in the room few months back.
just love the "feel" it gives me. dark and deep in thoughts.

well yeah, life is short, and there are so many things to wonder and to think about out there. it's kinda interesting that we have only one brain but our thoughts could wonder off to so many things and to so many places at the same time. enough of long entries with gazillion of photos; i'm getting tired of it - of having too many photos in my blog and too little words of expression. when will only we stop thinking of the things around us?

like, bahhhh as if we would.

we're getting older by the second for goodness sake, i feel the pain - i'm already 20. i didn't achieve much and i believe that you're thinking the same. If you consider "hey, I've been healthy for the past __ years, that's what I have achieved!" THEN you can SMACK YOUR HEAD REAL HARD. well yeah everyone has their own perspective in life; whether to be on the top of the world with a PHD scroll in your hand or just to lay low and make everyone else happy. Sometimes, I dont see the point of people working their asses off everyday just to earn more money BUT don't enjoy life as much as others do.

I have friends who would go so far just to see that little smile on your face. Why can't others be that simple too; and stop bitching and creating DRAMAS behind each others back?

these are the original photos.

enough of my blabbing for today
i'm rather tired now, spent too much time infront of the pc ehe.
woot woot.

LET'S CLUB again tomorrow!

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