Friday, August 31, 2007

Minny Invades Camerons II

day 2 in camerons!

coffee, tea?

checked into the hotel
went for a swimmmm [:
water was freezing cold!


mom, dad, my sister and me played pool in the lobby before dinner :P
dad lost to mom! haha

world's coolest mom :D


this resort cost about RM1500 per night
we didn't stay there, but we went for a tour :P

went to the night market in Brinchang.
soooo cold!

cute lil' baby carrots.

next morning, we went to a rose garden!

a type of cactus?

i love this.

look like a bunch of blue bananas :D


:D what's a blogpost without a camwhore picture?


cute heh?


minnydino said...

i like the last pic...
ur dad so cooperate wit u guys!!
my dad wun do tat even if i force him~~

Elise said...

Not dare to jump into the pool. Cold ler...

benjipapa said...

oh my..... l like all the photo u take nice..

papajoneh said...

minny, happy merdeka. Thanks for dropping by :D

I like the last photo too. You have a very sporting parents here. Like me. Kekeke. And is that your dad holding the cue like that... ROTFL. oopppsss... got carried away there. sorry.

conan_cat said...

ahh, merdeka holiday!! :D and yor cameron i long time no go liao haha the last time i go there is 2 years ago and we're really having a VACATION, really nothing to do one xcept going to farms and plantations haha... but enjoy lor :)

newayz nice pics!!

sankochan said...

woo... nice photos.... of the scenery~~

a^ben said...

the tentacles thingy` looks like shrek's ear dun u think? teee heee`

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. the plants sure are strange!! And it's the first time I see the tea plantations so upclose too - though it's only in pic..=)

btw, u've tagged. =)

js said...

wow, u took such nice pics with a T5.

mrbherng said...

Rose garden? Or was it cactus garden??? Anyway, i can't remember when was the last time I went cameron. hmmm