Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Minny Invades Camerons I

it's here!!!
my cameron's update
(only part 1; be patient-lah)

went to buy some food at the morning market before leaving;
and i saw this chick.


our camwhoring journey begins

so pale?

i love this one!
(cuz i look young. lmao)

pink daisies.

turtleeeeee in camerons!

very berry strawberry

blurry picture but not bad, right?
i'm using a sonyT5 only okay! and i have to zoom!

Make sure you're ABOVE 18 before you scroll down
sex in the animal kingdom; caught by Minny!

Two birdies.

"kiss me out of the bearded barley;
nightly, beside the green green grass"

*ahems* session begins!

Minny's ill; sorethroat, flu and cough. ]:
but don't worry, 2nd part of my camerons trip will be up soon!
so much homework to do.


JJzai said...

i wan many many strawberry.......

the Dark one said...


din u tell them to "get a room"???

conan_cat said...

whoa! you got a great camera and a great eye for photography! those are crystal clear pictures that you took! :D and that girl really thin lor... @___ooo my gawd.

nxt time you tell them go get a room lor... do outside so many ppl see will shy shy one lar...

Boss Stewie said...

lolll soo cute the birds!!!

Foo said...

Yeah.. Agree with the above poster :) Those are some very nice shots.. (you've got a knack for photoshopping too)

And the birds are damnn bloody cute hahaha..

sankochan said...

Ewwwwww!!!!! Lucah!! What the bird doing~~?? I'm innocent~~