Monday, August 20, 2007

Bits & Pieces of Minny in USM

so i did some "plastic surgery" towards my 'lovely' lil dorm.
lmao [:

a lil messy :P

my polka dot bedsheets with omg-so-colorful comforter
mommy picked it! aha!

my ugly wall ain't THAT fugly anymore.

anyone wanna hire me? lol
my first time washing my own shirts ok!
salute a bit, can?

the walls in my dorm are just horrible
i had to paste paper on it -.-

Went to Queensbay to buy some stuffs;
and I saw S.H.E on stage.

not a fan of them though [:

Last week, there's this Annual Language Week in USM.
Lots of booths and food, really!
Japanese, Italian, French, Thai, etc etc.

One of my coursemates [:
sweet eh?

My Japanese Japanese teacher.

Course mates oi! [:

Just got back from Camerons on Saturday.
LOTS OF PICS!!! omg omg.

coming up next................
minny in camerons! yay

omg i look like a dude.


Dexter - Dexterity said...

wa... i saw so many leng lui :drool:

aiyo.. 1st time wash cloths nia ma..
i also got my 1st time ma.. :P

i wan learn japanese also..

gambade u can do it... hehe

Danez Carven said...

wearing glove to wash clothes eh? hahaha...

jianbing said...

next time when we meet up, we speak japanese ok!

Now I have to start learning from katagana and hiragana.. amen.

Des said...

ur room still ok...nice deco!
nice cover up!

Aaron Chua said...

Not bad! Having fun eh?
And yeah you looked like a dude in that last photo. LMAO~ I didn't realize until you said it yourself. :D

danielctw said...

i want more pics of aki LOL

aL said...

walahhh! ur hair!!!@

leon said...

u oso in queensbay mall to caught S.H.E? oso...view my blog

the lynx said...

Haha I know how it feels to have such a disgusting room. I lived there before. Heck, I don't even bother to beautify it. Just enough to keep it clean and inhabitable :p

Nice pix by the way...