Wednesday, August 29, 2007

do you feel what i feel?

mood : emo-licious.
i need a change; back to who i used to be.
'cause i've became somebody that i'm not.

do you ever feel like you're couldn't find the "u" in you?
do you ever feel like no matter what you do,
you feel like you're losing grip?
and in the end, you could just let yourself slip.

do you ever feel like she's better than you?
that she has everything he's looking for?
do you ever feel that he has a clue;
that she's actually unlocking his heart's door?
do you ever feel like you want to be the one to feel his warmth?

This is the place where I sit
This is the part where
I love you too much
Is this as hard as it gets?
'Cause I'm getting tired
Of pretending I'm tough
I'm here if you want me
I'm yours, you can hold me
I'm empty and taken and
Tumbling and breakin'
'Cause you don't see me
And you don't need me
And you don't love me
The way I wish you would
The way I know you could

I dream of worlds
Where you'd understand
And I dream a
Million sleepless nights
I dream of fire when
You're touching my hand
But it twists into smoke
When I turn on the light
I'm speechless and faded
It's too complicated
Is this how the book ends,
Nothing but good friends?

This is the place in my heart
This is the place where
I'm falling apart
Isn't this just where we met?
And is this the last chance
That I'll ever get?
I wish I was lonely
Instead of just only
Crystal and see-through
And not enough to you


JJzai said...

Mami is gud on writing poem too!
i can, but in mandarin only.

-R·K- said...


Emo-ness kills... don't be so emo ya :)

Let's fight emo-ness together ^^

minnydino said...

cheer up girl
he'll look at u someday...
btw, happy merdeka day~~

conan_cat said...

aww... angst angst... can really feel the pain here...

if this is real life, i guess you will need a lot of strength and faith. believe in yourself that you can live on and you won't die because of him. and for that you need to live happy and proud, because well, you're not as minny as you think :)

Alan said...

I know very well how it feels... this song once spoke my heart too... but you will slowly learn to move forward...

cheer up mins... you still have me ;) hehe

Minny said...

thanks guys.. i appreciate your concern (: really.


benjipapa said...

mami ber-puisi...... hmmmmmm.... hehe cheer up

sc_Bone said...

quote from your first phrase

do you ever feel like you're couldn't find the "u" in you?

if couldn't find "u" in you,
then i'll go YO!

SpikeySpikey said...

This is really good. It's very touching. Was this insprired by someone or something? Anyway, I had my first poetic attempt. Comeby my blog and check it out and give me some feedback ya :) but yeah..l I like your poem. Makes mine sound bad. Haha...