Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Plastic Obsession

Let's talk about reality for one second.

How many of you here are against plastic surgery & how many of you here is actually okay towards this? Some might say, going under the knife is against all rules of nature, but on the other hand people are paying their doctors hundreds and maybe hundreds of thousands to look just as good as the people they see on magazines and television. From my point of view, plastic surgery is something that you have to really consider. Not everyone can look like barbie you know. We've got to be realistic. If you're comfortable with how you look (then, shrug off what people say to you). If not then, decide for your ownself; see what's good for you.

Take Megan Fox, yeah. Her. The hubba-hubba-she's-so-hot-that's-why-i-watch-transformers actress? She's flawless. She pulls off sexy without even trying. So jealous. So, so jealous wei~! Nevertheless, she's hot but she did some improvisation on her looks to take it to the next level.

Megan in FHM

Botox seem to be the most common and popular thing these days; no matter how old you are. They're injected not because of the frown line, but to make the skin look firmer and tighter. And more radiant too :)

I'm not trying to criticize here, but I think Megan wants to be the next Angelina Jolie. Click here and you'll see what I mean (click)

Oohhhh oooh! Anyone of you here watch The Hills on MTV? This 23 year old face of The Hills, Heidi Montag has this crazy obsession about plastic surgery. Not to say that she's overdone anything, but she changed almost every single thing about herself :-\ She's done over 10 procedures and now she's thinking of a boooobjob. jeez!

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