Monday, August 17, 2009


i can't do it.
stupid assignment :(
writer's block.

we were standing half-naked and knee-deep waiting to be soaked in salt water.
we were screaming, holding each other as tight as our cold muscles would permit.
sand filled the gaps in between our toes, and smiles were carved on our faces;
our laughter filled the air.
oh yes, when the waves caressed the shore, we fell in love.


when night fell, the air froze and send chills up our spine,
our hearts endured as we laid together on the grass in your back yard;
our hair thick with dirt, our breath thick with lust; our bodies kept us warm.
when night fell we couldn't see each other clearly,
but we knew the other was smiling, too.
we watched shy stars emerge from behind the night sky as we hold us tight.


when you left, i didn't cry, i didn't sleep for my heart froze.
to the beach i went and stood, half-naked and knee-deep, waiting to drown.
every single splash of water reminded me of your fingers across my skin.
when you left, i held myself as tight as my tired muscles would permit.
then i realized i didn't know who i was without you.


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