Monday, August 18, 2008

Que Tal, Minny?

yo soy ella!

I know I've been away from all these in a while
so much so that i've lost touch of the vibe of blogging
but it has never left me!
i'm planning to revamp and to revive

nevertheless, it's gonna be a rough time for me;
so many things to be done in so little time..
my laptop's down; can't even get it turned on!
course works are pilling up like nobody's business
and i'm busy preparing for so many events up in USM
tests are coming up soon.
one after another. it seems like there's no end to it.

my life has come to a point where, i HAVE to prioritize. literally.
so much responsibilities and commitment to bear.
i'm not complaining; i'm just learning how to take it in.
just give me some time.

how on earth have i gotten myself into this mess?

i need a new laptop :(

soy muy tensión a veces.
yo no cómo explicar; no quiero
¿cómo eres tu entender?

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